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  • GreenTech Heat is your solution for electric bed bug heat equipment and propane bed bug heaters.
  • The ePro Trailer package is a turn-key system producing 209,508 BTUs and includes trailer, diesel generator, 4 heaters, 12 fans, power cables, anywhere wireless temperature sensing system.
  • Kill all bed bugs and their eggs in one safe treatment. ePro 400 electric bed bug heater.
  • Kill all bed bugs and their eggs in one safe treatment. ePro 600 electric bed bug heater.
  • Heat eliminates odors and denatures allergens
  • We will match any competitors price on comparable equipment
  • Titan 450 propane bed bug heater system
  • Titan 450 propane bed bug heater system

What People Say

My team treats one unit a week. I wouldn’t trade my GreenTech Heat Titans for anything!

Glen Hayes
East Georgia Housing Authority

Heat Treatment Systems

120v Electric Heat Treatment Systems

We combined our previous standalone electric heater design with our high performance air moving fans and created the ePro eradication electric heat treatment unit. ePro electric heaters recycle room air through the intake port, over the heating coils and out into the treatment area. Each pass through the heater imparts more energy into the air. The 46-pound ePro heater produces up to 21,500 BTU and will effectively treat up to 600sqft in 8 hours, making it perfect for hotels and dorm room treatments! This easily-transported heater has six individually-selectable 8-amp heat elements that can be used, depending on availability of electricity on the job site. Simplified electrical needs significantly reduce set up times, with no need for a generator. The ePro eradication heater is the ideal choice for heat treatments of bed bugs for hotel rooms, small apartments, dorm rooms and other similar types of closed system projects.

Direct Fired Propane Heat Treatment Systems

Titan portable direct-fired propane heaters are the most widely used heaters for GreenTech Heat treatments. They are inexpensive and can be transported fairly easily around the job site. The fans in the heaters are powered by 120 volts at 7.5 amps and the heat is generated by propane or natural gas. Our unit moves 5,000 CFM at 800,000 BTU when fully open. These heaters operate with a max discharge temperature of 210F and can increase ambient temperature up to 180°F. Direct-fired gas units need to be placed outside the structure and gas detection should be performed while technicians are working inside the treatment area to ensure oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are at appropriate levels.

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