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Do It Yourself:
Homeowners Can Self-treat with Heat

homeowners: do it yourself bed bug heat treatment system

GreenTech Heat equipment produces professional extermination results against bed bugs and other insect pests without introducing toxic pesticides or chemicals into your home. It’s never too late to discover how easy it is for homeowners to do it yourself to eradicate bed bugs.

Depending upon size of your home, construction materials, the intensity of the infestation, and the anticipated number of bedbug eradication treatments a homeowner anticipates, the most cost-effective strategy may be to utilize one of our certified partners. ePro 400 electric bed bug heating system

The ePro 400 electric heater recycles room air through the intake port, over the heating coils and out into the treatment area. Each pass through the heater imparts more energy into the air The 38-pound ePro 400 heater treats up to 400sqft in 8 hours, making it perfect for heat treating individual rooms and small apartments. This easily-transported heater has six individually-selectable 8-amp heat elements that can be used, depending on availability of electricity on the job site. Simplified electrical needs significantly reduce set up times, with no need for a generator. All equipment packages $1999 and up include the Master Heat Technician Certification training.

Please call our sales line at 888-699-3944 for answers to any of your questions. Enjoy the confidence of using the same equipment and training as the professionals. GreenTech Heat supplies equipment and full training options for all industries large and small.

Why Self-Treat With GreenTech Heat?

  • DIY heat treatmentHeat treatments kill 100% of bed bugs and their eggs in just one treatment.
  • DIY bed bug heat treatmentImmediate, in-house response to any infestation saves thousands on regular pest control company treatments.
  • do it yourself bed bug heat treatmentSee a return on your investment within three treatments.
  • do it yourself heat treatment for bed bugsTreated rooms can be occupied once they cool.
  • do it yourself heat treatmentNo toxic chemicals used with heat!

Why Choose GreenTech Heat Solutions?

  • diy field tested bed bug heat treatment equipment Years of field experience in pest control
  • diy heat treatment equipment training The best ROI in heat treatment equipment & training
  • affordable portable thermal treatment systems for bed bugs Affordable & portable
  • independently tested heat treatment packages Technology independently/university tested
  • epa approved organic heat treatment equipment EPA approved
  • heat treatment technical support and training Ongoing training/technical support

Budget options

For homeowners looking for an alternative to traditional chemical treatments, GreenTech Heat has a great list of certified partners available to help you eliminate your pests.

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