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  • GreenTech Heat is your solution for electric bed bug heat equipment and propane bed bug heaters.
  • The GreenTech Heat Solutions Mobile Thermal Pest Eradication package is a turn-key system producing 209,508 BTUs and includes trailer, diesel generator, 4 heaters, 12 fans, power cables, anywhere wireless temperature sensing system.
  • Kill all bed bugs and their eggs in one safe treatment. ePro 400 electric bed bug heater.
  • Kill all bed bugs and their eggs in one safe treatment. ePro 600 electric bed bug heater.
  • Heat eliminates odors and denatures allergens
  • We will match any competitors price on comparable equipment
  • Titan 450 propane bed bug heater system

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Heat Treatment Systems Kill Cockroaches

Begin killing 100% of cockroaches in less than 1 hour

heat treatments for cockroaches will kill 100% of the insects and their eggs.Pesticide-based indoor cockroach control methods raise concern over the safety of occupants. Our affordable heat treatment systems offer you the ability to perform cockroach control work without relying on toxic chemical residues. Heat can be used to kill every type of cockroach and their eggs throughout the structure, even in places pesticidal fumigants, sprays, or dusts cannot reach. Heat synergizes the effectiveness of desiccant dusts and many pesticides. Insects have developed resistance to many pesticides, but cannot become heat resistant at the temperatures and durations we prescribe. Additionally heat can kill bacteria and viruses. A recent independent analysis reports that the GreenTech Heat Titan 800 is the most powerful portable, propane bedbug heater available.


2019 Survey reports cockroaches still a formidable foe

The 2019 pest control operator survey, State of the Cockroach Control Market commissioned by PCT Magazine, found that the German cockroach is the most-commonly found pest in commercial kitchens, rental homes, and multi-family housing.

According to the study, three significant mistakes often cloud the reputation of cockroach control:

  • Assuming the client knows cockroaches: If your client tells you the bugs are only under the stove in the kitchen, don’t take their word for it! When you find one cockroach rest assured more are thriving throughout the building.
  • Underestimating the lowly cockroach: Whoever says that some critter multiplies like rabbits never met a cockroach! If cockroaches dropped like flies everyone would be happy (and we’d be out of business)!
  • Misreading the scope of the infestation: Think like a cockroach and inspect all the places they are likely to infest. Pesticidal treatments are effective when you to get the chemicals either on, into, under, or around the insects.

And equally problematic, commercially-available bug bombs can actually make controlling cockroaches more difficult... wile increasing baseline exposure to pesticides.

titan propane bed bug heater package includes heater, fans, temperature probes, laser temp sensor, and Master Heat Technician Certification training

Thermal kill point for cockroaches

Achieve a proven thermal kill for cockroaches with GreenTech Heat Solution’s state-of-the-art technology. Our state-tested technology creates heat convection currents which transfer air throughout the room, forcing heated air molecules to transfer their energy into every surface of the room. Developed and perfected by Michael R. Linford PhD, our equipment is designed to be a complete cockroach heat treatment system without sacrificing quality or capability.

cockroach heat treatment thermal kill point chart


Effectively reduce or eliminate pesticides

Heat is the only truly organic cockroach control treatment method. Other companies would have you believe that their pesticides are organic or come from natural sources, but every applied pesticide carries with it some level of toxicity. Heat treatments are completely non-toxic and leave no chemical residue, eliminating your exposure over potential client health concerns.

Heat synergizes with chemicals to accelerate and enhance the effectiveness of pesticides and desiccant dusts. Create and establish a perimeter barrier with a desiccant dust to minimize the ability of cockroaches to migrate and travel throughout the treatment area.

Choose GreenTech Heat systems for 100% results, 100% satisfaction, 100% of the time.

Propane VS. Electric - Choosing The Right Cockroach Heater

epro electric 120v heat treatment packages

ePro Electric Packages

Each ePro heater can treat up to 400 sqft in 8 hours. Electric heat treatment packages with the ePro electric heater require 50 amps to operate a full power and run on 120v power. There's no need for a generator system with GreenTech ePro heaters. Each ePro combines a 3500 cfm fan and 6 heating elements 8 amps each in one powerful unit. You will use 6 power cords per each ePro. The electric system is a “closed” system which means it recycles the heated air inside the structure. A technician does not always need to be present with electric units. You can set up your treatment area, close the door and check on the treatment at a later time.

More On Electric Heaters
titan propane direct fired heat treatment packages

Titan Propane Packages

Each Titan heater can treat up to 3000sqft in a single day. Propane heat treatment packages will need to have access to outdoors to stage propane heating unit. The heat from the propane heating unit is ducted into the room from outside the building. Propane units are faster to achieve the thermal temperature than electric units and will take less time to perform a treatment. A technician must always be present to monitor the heater and the treatment. The Titan propane is highly efficient and penetrates the structure very well, cutting down treatment times. Propane systems will require a propane tank and hoses. A typical 25 gal/100 lb tank will supply enough propane for the entire treatment.

More On Propane Heaters

Titan 450 propane bed bug heat treatment system includes Master Heat Technician Certification training
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