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  • GreenTech Heat is your solution for electric bed bug heat equipment and propane bed bug heaters.
  • The GreenTech Heat Solutions Mobile Thermal Pest Eradication package is a turn-key system producing 209,508 BTUs and includes trailer, diesel generator, 4 heaters, 12 fans, power cables, anywhere wireless temperature sensing system.
  • Kill all bed bugs and their eggs in one safe treatment. ePro 400 electric bed bug heater.
  • Kill all bed bugs and their eggs in one safe treatment. ePro 600 electric bed bug heater.
  • Heat eliminates odors and denatures allergens
  • We will match any competitors price on comparable equipment
  • Titan 450 propane bed bug heater system

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We had one of your competition’s white propane heaters that cost about half as much as your Titan. You get what you pay for. Compared to our new Titan, it’s like racing a Volkswagen with a Maserati. The other guys just can’t keep up!

Tom Buzard
Bug Busters Pest Control
Juneau, Alaska

Eliminating bed bugs from aircraft

Single-treatment aircraft bed bug eradication that works

There is only one aircraft bed bug treatment disinsection for private airplanes, commercial aircraft, or military airplanes that will kill every bed bug and eliminate the entire infestation in one treatment. Thermal aircraft insect eradication utilizes no toxic chemicals, and is both discreet and FAA compliant. The GreenTech Heat Solutions technology will maintain a temperature range that is 100% lethal to all life stages of bed bugs and 100% safe to the plane, its furnishings, and contents. Treating aircraft with GreenTech Heat equipment is completed in hours, not weeks.

Other pest control methods such as steam, freezing, and chemicals can be used to treat bed bugs and kill insects, but they all present significant drawbacks or risks. Steam and freezing are both contact-based systems— if they do not touch the bugs they will survive. Chemicals require multiple applications over an extended period of time and present health concerns and allergy risks to passengers and crew.

Treating an aircraft for bed bugs with heat other key benefits:

  • There’s no need to remove soft goods such as cushions, carpet, and bedding for separate treatment
  • Will not damage electronics or avionics
  • You can return to your aircraft to service immediately following treatment
  • There’s no need to clean cushions, carpets, and bedding after the treatment
  • There’s no dangerous chemicals used or residues remaining following the treatment
  • All stages of bed bugs will be killed— from eggs through adults
  • Everything can be treated: cabin linings, cockpit, galley, and cargo areas
  • Exceeds FAA guidelines for thermal aircraft disinsection
  • It will kill any other insects or spiders in your aircraft
  • It will minimize or eliminate odors from food, smoking, animals, urine, and bacteria


Price of Equipment vs Cost of Treatment

 GreenTech HeatPesticides
Treatment duration1 DayDIY heat treatmentWeeks to Months
Kill all bedbugs in a single treatment?YesDIY heat treatmentNo
Repeat visits?Not neededDIY heat treatmentRequired
Toxic chemcialsNoDIY heat treatmentYes
100% safe to humans and pets?YesDIY heat treatmentNo
AntibacterialYesDIY heat treatmentNo
Reduces allergens?YesDIY heat treatmentNo
Denatures dust mites?YesDIY heat treatmentNo
Kills insect eggs?YesDIY heat treatmentNo

GreenTech Heat Solution’s state-of-the-art technology allows you to achieve a proven thermal kill for bed bugs. Our laboratory-tested and EPA-approved technology creates heat convection currents which transfer energy throughout the aircraft. Heated air molecules transfer their energy into every surface of the aircraft and cargo hold, allowing all the furnishings and contents of the aircraft to reach a minimum of 140°F. Developed and perfected by Michael R. Linford PhD, our equipment is designed to be a complete bed bug heat treatment system without sacrificing safety, quality, or capability. We understand that equipment alone will not achieve a 100% kill of your infestation. Free shipping on all electric heat packages.That’s why we include our Flash video training with every package and many of our packages include our Master Heat Technician Certification training program.

Every electric heat package includes free shipping to the Contiguous US and Canada.

Most people consider only the monetary component of a treatment’s cost. Inconvenience, collateral toxicity, time out of service, and length of treatment should all be considered when calculating a total cost. While a pesticidal treatment may be less expensive, the bed bugs will remain with you for several weeks to a month or more. The table above will help you identify some of the hidden considerations and costs of pesticidal treatments as compared with treating with GreenTech Heat equipment.

For more information on how to protect your family, your residents, your property, or your good reputation, call us at 855-GTH-BUGS (855-484-2847) ext 2 or visit our online store to order today.

When you own the GreenTech Heat Solutions equipment, you are ready to treat aircraft for bed bugs at any time. GreenTech Heat needs only a single one-day treatment to kill each and every bed bug, nymph, and egg in an aircraft. GreenTech Heat electric heaters are digitally controlled, maintain close temperature tolerances, and are fire-safe. The GreenTech Heat Air Mover 4000 fans are temperature-tested in excess of maximum treatment temperatures and will not shut down during an aircraft bed bug treatment. These heaters are also completely fume, fumigant, and toxic chemical free, making them 100% safe for humans and aircraft, while being 100% lethal to bed bugs and other insects.

GreenTech Heat heaters and fans used in aircraft bed bug treatment come with our industry-exclusive two-year repair or replace warranty.

epro electric bed bug heat treatment system treats up to 600 sqft in 8 hours and includes Master Heat Technician Certification training and free shipping

Eradicate the entire bed bug life cycle in the airplane

Bed bugs have three stages in their life cycle: egg, nymph, adult. Adult females lay eggs on rough dry surfaces near their hiding places, either singly or in small clusters. One to four weeks later, the nymphs hatch from the eggs and seek a host animal from which to feed. As nymphs eat and mature, they outgrow their skin, grow a new skin layer (exoskeleton) beneath it, and shed the old one, a process called molting. Following each molt, the nymph is a little larger. After the fifth growth-molt cycle, usually 4-6 weeks later, the bed bug reaches full size and is an adult. The process of changing body forms while maturing is called metamorphosis.

A single bed bug can become a large infestation if left untreated. One pregnant bed bug can turn into 20 bed bugs after 6 weeks. Those 20 bed bugs will become 100 bed bugs in 12 weeks; the 100 bed bugs will become 425 bed bugs in 16 weeks, and finally, those 425 bed bugs will become an infestation of over 13,000 in just 6 months! Not only do bed bugs multiply rapidly, but they can also live for 8 months or more without food.

Titan 450 propane bed bug heat treatment system includes Master Heat Technician Certification training


In most environments, bed bugs are active at night and are adept at hiding in dark places during the day. In an airplane, these insects will opportunistically seek a meal whenever they can. They most often hide in crevices and in spaces between seats and cushions, on seat frames, and in wall joints. Once they infest a passenger cabin, they are often found throughout the entire aircraft.

Bed bugs are expert hitch-hikers and are adept at finding new places to infest.

Prevention and control

Proper sanitation practices and diligence can help prevent bed bug infestation.

  • Periodically inspect aircraft for bed bugs throughout the cabin. Eggs are tiny white ovals. Bed bugs are brownish. Shed skins are yellowish. Fecal spots are black.
  • If you find bed bugs in an airplane, heat is the most thorough, efficient, chemical-free method to use. Either conduct a heat treatment yourself or use a professional pest control service and request that they use heat. Chemicals require repeated visits to the site. It is not necessary to use chemicals where you live. Heat is clean and efficient, and can kill 100% of bed bugs and their eggs in one visit when properly applied.
  • Other heat treatment benefits include removal of odors from cooking, smoking, animals, urine, and bacteria.
  • There are not many safe chemicals that will kill bed bugs instantly. Do not attempt to treat for bed bugs with bleach or rubbing alcohol. While bleach and rubbing alcohol can be deadly to many living organisms, the potential for collateral damage is too great. An attempt to kill bed bugs with bleach will often ruin furniture. Attempting to kill bed bugs with rubbing alcohol is a fire danger.

Heat is the only treatment that is 100% effective to eliminate bed bugs in all life stages in a single treatment. Because of this, heat is the best bed bug extermination method. Heat kills bed bugs naturally.

epro electric bed bug heat treatment system treats up to 400 sqft in 8 hours with free shipping

We do not provide heat treatment services.

GreenTech Heat designs, manufactures, and sells portable electric and propane heaters, fans, and treatment accessories specifically designed for the efficient killing of all insect pests, especially bed bugs and their eggs. In some cases, owning our equipment has a lower total cost and greater timeliness than utilizing an outside service.
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We process our online orders through PayPal, but you do not need to have a PayPal account to order online.

Heat Treatment Tip

Preheat your unit with the furnace by setting the thermostat to 90°F. The preheating can take an hour or more off your treatment time.

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It is very refreshing to be able to have a discussion on a topic with the person who literally wrote the book on said topic. Thanks for everything you add to our industry; your work and knowledge is appreciated by even those who aren’t aware of it.

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bed bug heat treatment systems

Heat does not have many limitations with respect to the number of items treated and the area to be treated. There are no chemical residues to consider and, compared to gas fumigation of areas, margins for safety are considerably greater.

Michael R. Linford PhD

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