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Your customer has a tenant who has noticed bed bugs in the apartment. They give you a call and are concerned with the use of pesticides in and around the bedroom. They have heard that heat is being used effectively and that it kills all stages of the bed bug. You either say,” I can do the treatment with pesticides.”, or “I do not have heat.”, or you sub-contract with another PCO that offers heat. This type of a request has been happening more frequently as bed bugs hitch hike across the country.

Why not add heat to your tool bag so that you can expand your revenues? Many markets are better suited for heat. If you have hotels as a customer, and their occupancy is high, they will not want to shut the rooms down for three treatments over a 3 to 4 week period using traditional pesticides. With heat you have the solution. The room is ready for occupancy the next day. This applies to your property management clients as well. Heat is also effective in combination with desiccant dusts to prevent migration and establish a residual perimeter barrier. Heat is ovicidal, which means it kills the egg stage of the bed bug. There is no need for a follow up treatment. Heat also disinfects and deodorizes structures.

Once you successfully complete 10 to 15 heat treatments, Dr. Linford will certify you at Technical Level One with his EPA approved GreenTech Heat Technology. This will give you a competitive edge over those companies that just have heating equipment. You may also put Dr. Linford on your Scientific Advisory Board. Mr. Tom Costello is GreenTech’s Director of Technical Services and he is available to analyze, evaluate jobs and train you as needed. Once you become a client we invite you to place your company in our web site in the Service Providers list. Many times people seeking heat treatments find us and subsequently will find you. This listing is free and may bring you some extra business. This is the support you get with GreenTech Heat.

heat-treatmentOur Heat Treatment Packages

A typical heat treatment package for a PCO will consist of the following tools:
  • A typical heat treatment package for PCO will consist of the following tools:
  • A heater either propane or electric and possibly multiples of each.
  • Fans for air movement is critical and specific to the success of mixing the heated air throughout the room and permeating the surfaces.
  • Temperature monitoring is vital. You must reach the thermal death point of the insect and hold that temperature for a period of time to kill the eggs. This is what is unique to heat treatments. There are a variety of temperature monitoring devices from hand held to wireless. A PCO often wants to record the data for the customer and for legal records. There are a variety of temp monitoring tools.
  • Heat treatment field guide.

heat-treatmentDetermining Your Needs

First, a few quesitons:
  • How many times a month or year are you receiving calls for bedbug treatments?
  • What type of customer market do you specialize. i.e. tall multi floor, all indoor, all outdoor, single floor. Apartments, hotel , residential, commercial offices, all.
  • How many square feet are your rooms? Square feet matters for the size of the treatment package needed.
  • How many amperes and circuits are available per room?
  • Does each room have direct access to the outside? i.e. patio, balcony.
How We Can Help
  • Our GreenTech Customer Service will help you decide the best package for your business or expansion package.
  • Training is critical. We have options for training. Our new digital online or live in person at your location. All are qualified for Certification from GreenTech Heat and Dr. Michael Linford.
  • Add a new profit center to your business.

Propane VS. Electric

7999 Titan PKG
Titan Propane Packages

  • If you are considering propane heat treatment packages with will need to have access to outdoors to stage propane heating unit.
  • The heat from the propane heating unit is “ducted” into the room from outside the building.
  • A technician must always be present to monitor the heater and the treatment.
  • The Titan propane is highly efficient and penetrates the structure very well and cuts down treatment times.
  • Propane will require a propane tank and hoses. A typical tank is 25 gal/100 lbs. Each tank will run the unit at full for the entire treatment time.

ePro Heater Package from Green Tech Solutions

Electric Heat Packages

  • If you are considering electric heat treatment packages with will need to find the amount of power available per room. We will want the total amperes available.
  • Each ePro electric requires 45 amps to operate a full power. Electric units are slower to achieve the thermal temperature than propane and will take longer to do a treatment.
  • Each ePro combines a 3500 cfm fan and 6 heating elements 7 amps each in one powerful unit. You will use 6 power cords per each ePro.
  • The electric system is a “closed” system. You can set up your heat treatment, set the thermostat on the unit, close the door do some other task and check on it at a later time. A technician does not always need to be present.

Calculate Your Return on Investment

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