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More Power and Better Build Quality than the EcoForce Black Widow or TPE 500

Begin killing in less than 15 minutes

Never satisfied with “good enough”, we recalibrated the fuel valves and internals. The Titan 450 portable direct-fired insect heater is more powerful than the competition and now generates up to 550,000 BTU. In fact, independent analysis reports that the GreenTech Heat Solutions Titan 450 is the most powerful small and lightweight, portable, direct-fired bedbug heater available. The GreenTech Heat Titan 450 is made in the USA and comes with our exclusive 2-year repair or replace warranty.


What People Say

We got a heater from your competitor and if cuts on and off. We’ve sent it back to them for a bad burner ring, which cost us over $2 grand of damage to a home. It’s been a constant thorn in our side. It just sits in the shop now. We don’t trust it. We learned our lesson: nothing but GreenTech going forward. We love our Titans and ePros. U guys are awesome!

Rocky Mountain Bed Bug


Titan 450 Benefits

  • Powerful— Up to 550,000 BTU
  • Lightweight— about 100 pounds
  • Flexible— Use with 5, 10, or 25 gallon propane tank
  • Effective— Treats up to 2,000 square feet in 8 hours
  • Perfect for apartments
  • Excellent component of treating churches
  • May be used in a hallway
  • Easily set up by one person
  • 16” or 18” mylar ducting
  • Fits in a small truck or SUV
  • Powder coated— not painted!
  • Customizable— available in custom colors
  • Made in the USA

Titan portable propane heaters kill termites, spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs, and all other insects and their eggsThe Titan 450 is significantly smaller and lighter than our extremely powerful Titan 800. Direct fired bed bug heaters achieve lethal thermal temperature faster than electric insect heaters and will take less time to perform a treatment, and often begin killing bed bugs in less than 15 minutes. Bed bug heat treatments with a Titan 450 direct fired heater often reduces the ability for bed bugs and other insects to migrate out of the heating zone during the treatment. Direct fired gas heaters are effective for treatment of all insects and are efficacious for all life cycle stages, especially the eggs. The Titan 450 heater will also raise interior and exterior wall temperatures to lethal levels for wood-destroying pests like termites and powder post beetles.

The industry-exclusive Titan 450 uses heat ducting technology to produce 550,000+ BTU, and can treat more than 2,000 square feet in an 8-hour day. This direct fired bed bug heater weighs around 100 pounds and is easily transported up stairs and fits in a small truck or SUV: it’s only 43 inches long. The Titan 450 is easily set up by one person and may be used in a hallway with 5 or 10 gallon propane tanks. The integrated fan on the Titan 450 moves up to 4,000 cfm.


What People Say

We had one of your competition’s white propane heaters that cost about half as much as your Titan. You get what you pay for. Compared to our new Titan, it’s like racing a Volkswagen with a Maserati. The other guys just can’t keep up!

Tom Buzard
Bug Busters Pest Control
Juneau, Alaska

The Titan 450 portable direct-fired insect heater is both lighter and more powerful than the competition and generates up to 550,000 BTU and excels in professional heat applications. In fact, independent analysis reports that the GreenTech Heat Solutions Titan 450 is the most powerful small and lightweight, portable, direct-fired bedbug heater available. The GreenTech Heat Titan 450 is made in the USA and comes with our exclusive 2-year repair or replace warranty.

The light-weight, easy-to-handle Titan 450 is designed specifically for pest control heat treatments. The small footprint allows it to operate on balconies and patios. The heater is easily maneuverable up stairways. Perfect for apartments! Click here to purchase the Titan 450 portable propane bed bug heater.


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GreenTech Heat Direct-Fired Heaters

Titan 450

Titan 800
output 550,000+ BTU 990,000+ BTU
8-hour treatment area more than 2,000 sqft more than 4,000 sqft
power requirements 7A 120V 7A 120V
air flow up to 4,000 cfm more than 5,000 cfm
integrated REGO valve yes yes
propane tank 5 or 10 gal or larger 25 gal and larger
dimensions 43”L x 23”W x 29”H 50”L x 27”W x 30”H
weight 100 lbs 140 lbs
fuel use ~1.4 gal/hr 2-4 gal/hr
net temp rise 125°F 180°F
warranty 2 years 2 years
heater price $5,899.00 $6,999.00
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package price $8,099.00 $9,899.00
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Direct fired heaters are typically operated outside the treatment area and the energy from the direct fired heating unit is ducted into the room from outside the building. The Titan 450 freshens air and reduces allergens by utilizing an ‘open system’ treatment and up to 4,000 cubic feet of fresh, heated air is flushed through the treatment area each minute.

Because of the amount of energy, heat, and airflow produced by these heaters, a technician must always be present to monitor the heater and the treatment area. Direct fired systems require a propane tank and hoses. We had our portable direct fired insect heaters tested for emissions safety in 2000. The Titan 800 surpasses all OSHA requirements for potential employee exposure to hazardous gasses, including carbon monoxide, during heat treatments.


Titan 450 propane bed bug heat treatment system includes Master Heat Technician Certification training


All GreenTech Heat direct fired heaters come with a 2-year repair or replace warranty. Direct fired heat packages do not include the propane tank. Each of our direct fired heat packages comes standard with the Bed Bug Heat Treatment Field Guide and our exclusive Master Heat Technician Certification, and include fans, all propane hoses, and regulators. Click here to purchase the Titan 450 portable direct fired insect heater.

We designed the Titan 450 direct fired bed bug heaters for safety and operator convenience. Each Titan 450 is easy to maneuver and the handles make loading and unloading easy. The large, solid tires make transportation around a job site nearly effortless.

Both Titan heaters are portable and can be transported and stored upright to save space. All GreenTech Heat heaters come with a 2-year repair or replace warranty.

Because of the convected energies created by the GreenTech Heat Titan heaters, we do not recommend residents re-enter the property until temperatures have cooled to 85°F.

Titan 450 and Titan 800 propane bed bug heaters kill all stages of bed bug life including bed bug eggs.
The Titan 450 easily fits in a pickup truck.

Heat Treatment Tip

The bed bug life cycle: bedbug egg-first bed bug instar-second stage bed bug larva-third stage bedbug instar-fourth stage larva-fifth stage larva-adult bed bug
The bed bug life cycle encompasses five nymph stages, eggs, and finally adult. After hatching, bedbug nymphs molt following every blood meal.

What People Say

Two of the Temp Air heaters could not generate the heat created by one ePro 1400 in treating a 1,200 square-foot room. I reached 130°F in two hours. The ePro 1400 outperformed my expectations!

Vince Ahern
Biotech Pest Management
South Carolina

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