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Wired Heat Treatment Temperature Monitoring

A great addition to the TeGam digital temperature monitor. This 6 channel adapter allows for 6 type T thermocouple lines to be connected simultaneously.

Wired thermocouple probes are inexpensive, easy to use and easy to repair when they break, but need to be carefully handled and stored. Thermocouples are composed of two dissimilar metals, copper and nickel. These two metal wires are encased in a plastic/vinyl covering and are about the size of two pencil tips. In order to read the temperature the wired probes are providing, you will need to use a simple digital thermometer for real time temperature readings. The TeGam allows you to monitor the heat using thermocouple lines (sold separately) for accurate readings and proven durability. Includes single line LCD readout.
We recommend purchasing the TeGam 6 channel adapter with the TeGam temperature sensor.

  • bed bug heat treatment equipmentAccuracy 0.4 rdg + 1.1 degree F
  • bed bug heat treatment equipmentResolution .1 degree F
  • bed bug heat treatment equipmentInput type: T
  • bed bug heat treatment equipmentShock-proof

Hand-held infrared laser spectrometers are the minimum requirement for temperature monitoring during a heat treatment. This quick "go to" tool gives technicians an instant temperature reading. All technicians should carry one during their heat treatments. Infrared guns will give you accurate spot readings of surface temperatures and show the most accurate readings at close proximity.

Heavy duty, fully insulated type T thermocouple lines. Our Type T insulated lines stand up to the harsh environment of heat treatments. 50ft lines with connectors.

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