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Bed Bug Heat Treatment Fans

  • Product Details:
  • bed bug heat treatment equipmentFor Air Convection Throughout The Structure
  • bed bug heat treatment equipment36 pounds
  • bed bug heat treatment equipment4000 CFM

Axial fans are an integral part of the GreenTech Heat treatment process. There are a variety of fans that can be used for GreenTech Heat, but how can you be sure that they will withstand the high temperatures we achieve?

Our Fans Are Built To Handle The Heat

We’ve done the hard work for you by testing axial and centrifugal fans in real-world scenarios to determine which units work the best while drawing the least power. If are going to use older fans that you currently have as part of your equipment inventory, you will want to test the fans to make sure they are able to run at higher temperatures. Some axial or centrifugal fans shut off at temperatures as low as 130°F, which will stop convection currents limiting the effectiveness of the heat treatment.

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