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Getting Started Heat Treatment Systems

Start Self Treating With Heat On A Budget

Whether you are a hotel management, housing authority team, pest control professional or a property manager, these starter systems are a great fit. We can custom configure packages to fit your application and budget. Ask your GreenTech Heat representative today.

120v Electric Heat Treatment

We combined our previous standalone electric heater design with our high performance air moving fans and created the ePro eradication electric heat treatment unit. ePro electric heaters recycle room air through the intake port, over the heating coils and out into the treatment area. Each pass through the heater imparts more energy into the air. The 45-pound ePro heater effectively heats 400sqft, making it perfect for hotels and dorm room treatments! This easily transported heater has six individually selectable 7 amp heat elements that can be used, depending on availability of electricity on the job site. Simplified electrical needs significantly reduce set up times, with no need for a generator. The ePro eradication heater getting started package is the ideal choice for heat treatments of bed bugs for hotel rooms, small apartments, dorm rooms and other similar types of closed system projects.

  • Includes:
  • 1 ePro electric heater
  • 1 AM 4000 fan
  • 1 Power Station & cord
  • 1 Laser temperature gun
  • 6 heavy duty 12 ga lighted end power cords
  • Reflective insulation
  • 1 Heat Treatment Field Guide
  • bed bug heat treatment equipmentWarranty: One year, repair or replace heater
  • bed bug heat treatment equipmentIncludes Shipping in the continental USA
  • bed bug heat treatment equipment1 GreenTech Prevent with Sprayer

Direct Fired Propane Heat Treatment

The Titan propane getting started package is excellent for all types and sizes of rooms and structures up to 3000sqft. It is designed for either the professional pest control technician or the maintenance team. The Titan heater is our most versatile heater with plenty of heat power. The Titan is highly recommended for residential homes and apartment complexes with multiple sizes of units to treat. The Titan can be set up to treat two units at one single time. You can split the 800,000 BTUs for high productivity. Yet it is as easy as setting up a backyard BBQ. The Titan have safety and field use ideas built in. A double barrel to prevent any hot spots safe to touch. Soft tire and built tough for stairs and rugged use. Also treat any single bedrooms, small apartments, hotel rooms, housing authority complex.

The Titan propane packages are designed as an "open" system. You set up the equipment outside with access to fresh air. The Titan heat is pumped through ducting into the structure via our Mylar lightweight ducting attached to the Titan. A technician is required at all times of operation with the Titan propane.

The package comes complete with all the tools to get started immediately heat treating for bed bugs and other insects. As a Bonus, exclusive to GreenTech Heat is our 185 page "Heat Treatment Field Guide".

  • Includes:
  • 1 Titan propane heater
  • 5 AM 4000 fans
  • TeGam digital thermometer with 5 probes
  • 1 Laser temperature gun
  • 1 High pressure propane 20 foot hose
  • Dual propane tank connector
  • 2 Expandable 25 foot mylar ducting
  • 1 Heat Treatment Field Guide
  • bed bug heat treatment equipmentWarranty: One year, repair or replace heater

Electric Heat Treatment Packages For Areas Larger Than 400sqft

Propane Heat Treatment Packages For Areas Larger Than 3000sqft

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