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Thermal Insulator / Thermal Protection For Fire Sprinklers

  • Double lined Stainless Steel
  • Air Vacuum Insulation
  • Outer Diameter: 6.5 H x 3.5"
  • Inside Diameter: 2.5"
  • Weight: 1 lb
fire sprinkler protection for heat treatments

Protecting Fire Sprinklers From The Heat Of Bed Bug Heat Treatments

The patented GreenTech Heat Solutions fire sprinkler thermal insulation system offers an additional margin of safety for conducting a heat treatment with fire sprinklers present.

Bed bug heat treatments in hotels, apartments and office buildings with fire suppression systems presents a challenge not found in typical residential homes. Bed bugs begin dying at temperatures above 120°F and bed bug heat treatments require sustained temperatures between 120°F and 150°F depending on the length of exposure. Fire sprinklers can be damaged at temperatures over 100°F and can activate at around 135°F. Elevated heat levels can compromise the future effectiveness of the fire sprinkler system, causing property damage or injury. Activated fire sprinklers will produce an average 20 to 40 gallons of water per minute which can damage heat treatment equipment, personal property and the structure itself.

GreenTech Heat Solutions stainless steel double lined fire sprinkler thermal insulators offer protection for the most common operation types of fire sprinklers: fusible link fire sprinklers & glass bulb fire sprinklers. The most common fire sprinkler in the USA is the glass bulb style fire sprinkler. These sprinklers have a small glass reservoir that contains a heat-sensitive fluid which expands to break the reservoir, releasing water. Fusible link fire sprinklers release water when a heat-sensitive alloy reaches a specific temperature and melts.

If you find different sprinkler types, we have solutions for most of these too. Give us a call; we have alternate solutions for other sprinkler units. A margin of safety, and piece of mind.

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