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  • GreenTech Heat is your solution for electric bed bug heat equipment and propane bed bug heaters.
  • The GreenTech Heat Solutions Mobile Thermal Pest Eradication package is a turn-key system producing 209,508 BTUs and includes trailer, diesel generator, 4 heaters, 12 fans, power cables, anywhere wireless temperature sensing system.
  • Kill all bed bugs and their eggs in one safe treatment. ePro 400 electric bed bug heater.
  • Kill all bed bugs and their eggs in one safe treatment. ePro 600 electric bed bug heater.
  • Heat eliminates odors and denatures allergens
  • We will match any competitors price on comparable equipment
  • Titan 450 propane bed bug heater system

What People Say

The ePro 1400 is the best electric heater we have ever used. This heater reduced treatment time significantly and distributed the heat energy in a very efficient way.

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Looking For A Pest Professional In Your Area?

GreenTech Heat does not offer pest control service.
We sell equipment and training for heat treatments of insects.

bed bug heat treatment service providers

Due to our growing popularity of many visitors to our site, some are just good folks seeking a heat treatment service provider and ask us for a referral. So, we at GreenTech Heat decided to offer those visiting for the need of a heat treatment, the opportunity to select from a sampling of our professional pest control companies that use GreenTech Heat Solutions systems across the country.

Please view our growing list of service providers throughout the USA and Canada.


Bad Bugs Pest Control Birmingham Alabama

Bad Bugs Pest Control

Phone: (888) 400-9416

Location: Birmingham, AL


Bug Busters Pest Control Juneau Alaska

Bug Busters Pest Control, LLC

Phone: (907) 780-6166

Location: Juneau, AL


Bills Pest and Termite Control Phoenix Arizona

Bills Pest & Termite Control

Phone: (602) 308-4510

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Xtermin Pest Control Phoenix Arizona


Phone: (480) 983-7646

Location: Phoenix, AZ


Abell Pest Control Sunnyvale California

Abell Pest Control

Phone: (408) 316-0096

Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Access Exterminator Service Anaheim California

Access Exterminator Service, Inc.

Phone: (877) 522-2377

Location: Anaheim, CA

Pest Innovations Los Angeles California

Pest Innovations

Phone: (855) 414-7378

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Pest Solutions Termite & Pest Control

Pest Solutions Termite & Pest Control

Phone: (800) 681-5141

Location: South Gate, CA

PW Stevens Environmental Huntington Beach California

P.W. Stevens Environmental, Inc.

Phone: (800) 750-7733

Location: Huntington Beach, CA

The Termite Guy Santa Ana California

The Termite Guy

Phone: (877) 837-6483

Location: Santa Ana, CA


Advantage Pest Control Pinellas Park Florida

Advantage Pest Control

Phone: (727) 322-3202

Location: Pinellas Park, FL

Florida Bed Bug Experts Wesley Chapel Florida

Florida Bed Bug Experts

Phone: (877) 411-2849

Location: Wesley Chapel, FL

Pro To Call Termite Deltona Florida

Pro 2 Call Termite

Phone: (727) 378-8550

Location: Largo, FL

Service Tech St Largo Florida

Service Tech USA

Phone: (727) 530-4921

Location: St. Largo, FL


120 Pest

120° Pest

Phone: (404) 247-8091

Location: Roswell, GA

Enterprise Pest Management

Enterprise Pest Management

Phone: (706) 512-0930

Location: Cedartown, GA

Varsity Termite & Pest

Varsity Termite & Pest

Phone: (678) 594-3935

Location: Smyrna, GA


BeastMaster Pest Services Lexington and Louisville Kentucky

BeastMaster Pest Services

Phone: (812) 438-BUGS(2847)

Location: Northern Kentucky

West Kentucky Pest Control Providence Kentucky

West Kentucky Pest Control

Phone: (270) 635-1451

Location: Providence, KY


Wela Pest Control

Wela Pest Control

Phone: (808) 286-1864

Location: Oahu, HI


Rocky Mountain Bed Bug Idaho

Rocky Mountain Bed Bug

Phone: (208) 390-6539

Location: Idaho Falls, ID


Bed Bug Solutions Des Plaines Illinois

Bed Bug Solutions, Inc.

Phone: (847) 703-0082

Location: Des Plaines, IL


Petes Pest Patrol Iowa Falls Iowa

Pete’s Pest Patrol, LLC.

Phone: (641) 640-0222

Location: Iowa Falls, IA

Pest Solutions 365

Pest Solutions 365

Phone: (402) 328-2847

Location: Eastern NE/Western IA


BeastMaster Pest Services Indianapolis Indiana

BeastMaster Pest Services

Phone: (812) 438-BUGS(2847)

Location: Lawrenceburg/Southeastern Indiana

Burts Pest Control Columbus Indiana

Burts Pest Control Co.

Phone: (812) 372-3212

Location: Columbus, IN

Gold Seal Termite and Pest Control Indianapolis Indiana

Gold Seal Termite & Pest Control Co.

Phone: (866) 924-4114

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Trio Pest Control Greenwood Indiana

Trio Pest Control

Phone: (317) 527-4717

Location: Greenwood, IN


Pure Environmental Frederick Maryland

Pure Environmental

Phone: (301) 378-2950

Location: Frederick, MD


Priority Pest Control Springfield Missouri

Priority Pest Control, Inc

Phone: (417) 887-9322

Location: Springfield, MO

Reliable Pest Control Nevada Missouri

Reliable Pest Control

Phone: (417) 667-0456

Location: Nevada, MO

Reliable Pest Solutions Hannibal Missouri

Reliable Pest Solutions

Phone: (888) 777-3542

Location: Hannibal, MO


Rocky Mountain Bed Bug Idaho

Rocky Mountain Bed Bug

Phone: (208) 390-6539

Location: Idaho Falls, ID


Pest Solutions 365

Pest Solutions 365

Phone: (402) 328-2847

Location: Eastern NE/Western IA


ProChem ProActive Las Vegas Nevada

ProChem ProActive

Phone: (866) 674-7779

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Southern Nevada Pest Control Las Vegas Nevada

Southern Nevada Pest Control

Phone: (702) 644-0332

Location: Las Vegas, NV

New York

Exodus Exterminating Rochester New York

Exodus Exterminating

Phone: (585) 328-0990

Location: Rochester, NY

North Carolina

Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators Wilmington North Carolina

Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators

Phone: (910) 254-9443

Location: Wilmington, NC

City Wide Exterminating Locust North Carolina

City Wide Exterminating

Phone: (704) 888-0911

Location: Locust, NC

Crown Pest Control Charlotte North Carolina

Crown Pest Control

Phone: (910) 791-6836

Location: Charlotte, NC

Jay Taylor Wilmington North Carolina

Jay Taylor Exterminating

Phone: (910) 791-6836

Location: Wilmington, NC

North Dakota

All Pest Control Mandan North Dakota

All Pest Control

Phone: (910) 254-9443

Location: Mandan, ND


BeastMaster Pest Services Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio

BeastMaster Pest Services

Phone: (812) 438-BUGS(2847)

Location: Dayton and Cincinnati, OH

Bed Bug MD, Sheffield Village, Ohio

Bed Bug MD

Phone: (440) 242-8794

Location: Sheffield Village, OH

Defense Pest Control Solon Ohio

Defense Pest Control

Phone: (440) 542-2000

Location: Solon, OH

Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control Creola Ohio

Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control

Phone: (844) 758-2550

Location: Creola, OH

TRS Pest Control Middleton Ohio

TRS Pest Control

Phone: (513) 446-7530

Location: Cincinnati, Dayton, Middleton, OH


Action Pest Management Tulsa Oklahoma

Action Pest Management

Phone: (918) 259-9400

Location: Tulsa, OK

Cowboy Pest Management Stillwater Oklahoma

Cowboy Pest Management

Phone: (405) 247-0108

Location: Stillwater, OK

EMCO Termite & Pest Control Inc.

EMCO Termite & Pest Control Inc.

Phone: (918) 224-8820

Location: Sapulpa, OK

EnviroTech Exterminating Broken Arrow Oklahoma

EnviroTech Exterminating

Phone: (918) 282-7621

Location: Broken Arrow, OK

Ultra Tech Pest Control Muldrow Oklahoma

UltraTech Pest Control

Phone: (918) 208-6144

Location: Muldrow, OK


Pure Environmental Portland Oregon

Pure Environmental

Phone: (503) 893-9731

Location: Portland, OR


Dragonfly Pest Control

Dragonfly Pest Control Services

Phone: (610) 781-9083

Location: Berks, Lancaster, Chester and Montgomery County, PA

Crown Heat Bed Bug Eliminators

Crown Heat Bed Bug Eliminators

Phone: 833-6-BED BUG

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Newtone Termite and Pest Control Newton Pennsylvania

Newtown Termite & Pest Control, Inc.

Phone: (215) 579-7378

Location: Newtown, PA

Total Shield Bed Bug & Pest York Pennsylvania

Total Shield Bed Bug & Pest

Phone: (717) 478-4328

Location: Baltimore, Frederick, Gettysburg, York, PA

South Carolina

Home Pest Control

Home Pest Control

Lowcountry: 843-881-3636
Midlands: 803-794-8078
Upstate: 864-626-3676

Location: West Columbia, SC

Greenville Pest Control Greenville South Carolina

Greenville Pest Control

Phone: (864) 414-6458

Location: Greenville, SC

Noosa Pest Management Tega Clay South Carolina

Noosa Pest Management

Phone: (704) 499-9922

Location: Tega Cay, SC


Four Seasons Pest Management Knoxville Tennessee

Four Seasons Pest Management

Phone: (865) 585-1128

Location: Knoxville, TN

Otis Termite Pest Control Knoxville Tennesse

Otis Termite & Pest Control Service

Phone: (865) 690-1662

Location: Knoxville, TN

The Bug Man Murfreesboro Tennesse

The Bug Man, LLC.

Phone: (615) 217-7284

Location: Murfreesboro, TN


All Dead Termite Pest Control Fort Worth Texas

All Dead Termite & Pest Control

Phone: (817) 361-9868

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Texas Bug-Or-Us Houston Texas


Phone: (713) 955-2847

Location: Houston, TX

Bug Head Pest Dallad Texas

Bug Head Pest Control

Phone: (888) BUG-FREE

Location: Dallas, TX

Pest Pups Midlothian Texas

Pest Pups

Phone: (214) 810-3799

Location: Midlothian, TX

Point Blank Pest Solutions Austin Texas

Point Blank Pest Solutions

Phone: (512) 642-3388

Location: Austin, TX

Texas Mosquito Control Dallas Texas

Texas Mosquito Control

Phone: (972) 248-3373

Location: Dallas, TX

PW Stevens Environmental Houston Texas

ThermaPure Texas

Phone: (713) 306-8886

Location: Houston, TX


No Bull Bed Bug Control Salt Lake and Provo, Utah

No Bull Bed Bug Control

Phone: (385) 323-2266

Location: Salt Lake and Provo, UT


Clean Heat Defense Virginia

Clean Heat Defense

Phone: (804) 913-1000

Location: North Chesterfield, VA

Pure Environmental Harrisonburg Virginia

Pure Environmental

Phone: (540) 437-9865

Location: Harrisonburg, VA

RVA Thermal Heat Richmond Virginia

Pure Environmental

Phone: (804) 869-1232

Location: Richmond, VA

Virginia Eco Thermal Services Virginia

Virginia Eco-Thermal Services

Phone: (804) 389-8156

Location: Midlothian, VA


Northwest K9 Detectives Seattle Washington

Northwest K9 Bed Bug Detectives

Phone: (206) 801-3522

Location: Seattle, WA

Sprague Pest Solutions Tacoma Washington

Sprague Pest Solutions

Phone: (800) 653-1646

Location: Tacoma, WA


Rocky Mountain Bed Bug Idaho

Rocky Mountain Bed Bug

Phone: (208) 390-6539

Location: Idaho Falls, ID


Bed Bug Authority Canada Ontario Canada

Bed Bug Authority Canada

Phone: (416) 951-0383

Location: Ontario, Canada

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