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Why Choose GreenTech?

  • pest control field tested bed bug heat treatment equipment Years of field experience in pest control
  • pest professional heat treatment equipment training The best ROI in heat treatment equipment & training
  • affordable portable thermal treatment systems for bed bugs Affordable & portable
  • independently tested heat treatment packages for pest control companies Technology independently/university tested
  • epa approved organic heat treatment equipment EPA approved
  • heat treatment technical support and training Ongoing training/technical support

Pest Control Heat Treatment Systems

Kill Bed Bugs & Termites Without Pesticides!

You have another tenant who is complaining about bed bugs in the apartment. Now what? Your general pest contract does not cover bed bug treatments. It may cost you $600 or more to have the treatment done. In addition, you may lose tenants. With heat, you can respond almost immediately, reduce costs and eradicate the bed bug infestation the same day. You can self-treat with heat using your own maintenance team. Your tenant can return to the apartment the same day, and without bed bugs.

While treating for bed bugs, you can also disinfect and sanitize your rooms. You can deodorize apartments from dog and cat urine, smoking or cooking smells. Most of our clients have paid for the equipment as soon as one month to less than nine months. Check out our ROI Calculator to see how quickly you can get a return on your equipment investment. You can put money back into your budget by not paying an outside service to do the treatment.

pest control heat treatment systems

Our Heat Treatment Packages

A typical heat treatment package for PCO will consist of the following tools:

  • A heater either propane or electric and possibly multiples of each.
  • Fans for air movement is critical and specific to the success of mixing the heated air throughout the room and permeating the surfaces.
  • Temperature monitoring is vital. You must reach the thermal death point of the insect and hold that temperature for a period of time to kill the eggs. This is what is unique to heat treatments. There are a variety of temperature monitoring devices from hand held to wireless. A PCO often wants to record the data for the customer and for legal records. There are a variety of temp monitoring tools.
  • Heat treatment field guide.
pco heat treatment equipment

Determining Your Needs

A few simple questions will help us understand your needs, allows us to recommend specific packages or products:

  • How many times a month or year are you receiving calls for bedbug treatments?
  • What type of customer market do you specialize? (i.e. tall multi floor, all indoor, all outdoor, single floor, apartments, hotel, residential, commercial offices, all)
  • How many square feet are your rooms? Square feet matters for the size of the treatment package needed.
  • How many amperes and circuits are available per room?
  • Does each room have direct access to the outside? (i.e. patio, balcony)

Propane VS. Electric

titan propane direct fired heat treatment packages

Titan Propane Packages

  • If you are considering propane heat treatment packages with will need to have access to outdoors to stage propane heating unit.
  • The heat from the propane heating unit is "ducted" into the room from outside the building.
  • A technician must always be present to monitor the heater and the treatment.
  • The Titan propane is highly efficient and penetrates the structure very well and cuts down treatment times.
  • Propane will require a propane tank and hoses. A typical tank is 25 gal/100 lbs. Each tank will run the unit at full for the entire treatment time.

epro electric 120v heat treatment packages

ePro Electric Packages

  • If you are considering electric heat treatment packages with will need to find the amount of power available per room. We will want the total amperes available.
  • Each ePro electric requires 45 amps to operate a full power. Electric units are slower to achieve the thermal temperature than propane and will take longer to do a treatment.
  • Each ePro combines a 3500 cfm fan and 6 heating elements 7 amps each in one powerful unit. You will use 6 power cords per each ePro.
  • The electric system is a "closed" system. You can set up your heat treatment, set the thermostat on the unit, close the door do some other task and check on it at a later time. A technician does not always need to be present.

Calculate Your ROI

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We Recommend The Following Packages & Products

"I added $356,000 to my pest control business last year with GreenTech and
I expect to add $1.5 million this year."
- Calvin T., Texas

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