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Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment

100% Elimination of Bed Bugs & Their Eggs!

At GreenTech Heat we offer a full range of affordable, professional heat equipment and training for those companies and organizations that desire to perform their own pest control work in order to reduce expenses and react quickly to infestations. GreenTech Heat also offers an easy entry into adding heat to any pest control business. Heat can be used to kill every type of pest and their eggs including bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, termites, ants, etc. Additionally heat can kill bacteria and viruses.

Why We’re Different

Our promise at GreenTech Heat is to provide the best equipment at reasonable prices, fast shipping and knowledgeable staff to answer your questions after the sale. Our experienced staff will offer you the best and most honest recommendations for your pest control needs. We’re not just another web site equipment dealer. We know heat, we know bedbugs. Our team has logged years of experience in pest control and heat treatment applications. We offer solutions with comprehensive training options and consultation. What’s more, just the right specification of equipment packages to choose.

Total-Kill Bed Bug Heat Treatment Training

Unlike other heat treatment product manufacturers, we provide full heat treatment training and technical support from our experienced team of pest control professionals and trained staff. Learn to get a kill in one treatment while doing so safely and without damaging the structure or its’ contents.

Certified Sanitized Program

certified sanitized bed bug control partners Become a partner in GreenTech's Bed Bug Certified Sanitized Program. Get certified training from the developer of the thermal remediation system, Michael R. Linford Ph.D.

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